Full of Beans {Book Promotion}

This Random House Book for Young Readers (ages 8-12, grades 3-7) captures the Great Depression in Key West, Florida. Now most people who have been to Key West, Florida know it’s touristy and tropical and fun, etc., but….it wasn’t always that way.



Denmark is consistently voted the happiest country in the world. Sure, their social policies have a big impact – but what about their parenting philosophy? Respected Danish family psychotherapist Iben Sandahl and American expat Jessica Alexander believe the Danish upbringing is very much a key factor to the country’s positive outlook: happy kids grow up to make happy adults who raise happy kids and the cycle continues.


SwimZip: As Seen on ABC’s Shark Tank!

SwimZip is stylish UV 50+ swimwear for babies, toddlers, and children. Their full-length zipper swimwear is uniquely designed allowing for easy-on, easy-off UV protection for children. The no-pinch zipper flap, tagless neck, zipper garage around the neck, and flat-lock stitching make wearing the swimwear comfy! SwimZip’s material is chlorine resistant too!


Rekindled {Book Promotion}

Rekindled is a historical fiction about how Roger Williams becomes the original architect of the separation of church and state. He must survive the men that intend to silence him in order to engineer and demonstrate a new society structure that will protect people voicing ideas and heartfelt convictions while keeping civil peace.


THE KARE KIDS ADVENTURES Series {Book Promotion}

All these chapter books are aimed primarily at the 8 to 12 year-old audience, though even younger children may enjoy having the books read to them. Though each book has suspense and elements of danger, violence is very minimal and not explicit. To use the movie rating system, I would rate all the books as “G”. Speaking of films, the best review I have yet received of the series came from my oldest grandson, aged 10: “Granddad, this book is great! It should be a movie!”


8 Tips To Keep The Basement Safer, More Organized, and Clutter-Free!

One of the most often overlooked part of the house when it comes to organization and de-cluttering is the basement. For many homeowners, it serves nothing but to hold excess or unused items, furniture, appliance, tools and household materials. But just like the other or rooms of the house, basement needs to be kept organized and clutter-free all the time.