StoryCub App and Website Encourages Early Reading


StoryCub is a new reading app and website designed for children ages 0-8.  StoryCub makes “story-time anytime” with Video Picture Books.

A real person is actually on-screen reading to your child.  It is also mixed with the book’s images and without those annoying advertising messages.  Sounds great so far, doesn’t it?

StoryCub’s app and website features a free “story of the day” every day and a “Plus” version where the entire catalogue streams 24/7 for only $3.99 a month with a 30-day trial.  Definitely sounds worth a try.

StoryCub is already at “popular” status as it’s regularly seen in the top 5 in the podcast section of iTunes.  Their Video Picture Book of All About Poop, was #1 in the section as well.

If you are looking for a fun and unique way for your child to excel in language developement, StoryCub acts as a wonderful supplement by exposing your child to new phrases, words, and pronunciation.

My 5 year old is needing some additional help with particular words and pronunciation, so this sounds like something I may consider trying with her.  The price isn’t too shabby either.

What do you think?  Would you try out StoryCub with your child?

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