Interview with Dr Joy Dubost – Registered Dietitian and Food Scientist – Introducing the Kids LiveWell Initiative

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Looking for healthier restaurant options for your kiddos? If so, this is the interview for you.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Joy Dubost, PhD RD CSSD, to learn more about the Kids LiveWell initiative. Dr. Dubost has more than 15 years of experience working in the areas of clinical nutrition, research, public health intervention, education and communications.

Currently, the National Restaurant Association’s groundbreaking Kids LiveWell program is celebrating its three-year anniversary. The voluntary program, which provides a growing selection of healthful children’s menu choices, has grown from 19 to 150 participating restaurant brands, representing more than 42,000 locations nationwide. The initiative includes quickservice and tableservice concepts among national companies, regional chains and independent restaurants, as well as theme parks, resorts and museums.The program aims to help parents make healthful choices for their kids when eating out at restaurants by truly making the healthier choice, the easier choice.


View the video interview here:,AAAAAAHur4I~,diYZRj_HSFq3I0J5u4e4VKgTfmoM3B0i&bctid=3695559133001

Thank you, Dr. Dubost for your time with this interview. Wishing you much success with your Kids LiveWell program.

For more information about Kids LiveWell and to find participating restaurants near you, please visit

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