#MommyMakeup: Out-The-Door Collection

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As many of you know, I use mineral makeup.  In the past I have tried Mineral Hygienics and promoted them strongly.  They offer excellent products.  I was recently introduced to a another mineral makeup company that caught my attention to the fullest….Mommy Makeup!  I’m ready to give them a try as well.

I am currently an affiliate for Mommy Makeup.  You may have seen the new advertising banner on the left sidebar of the homepage.

I love that they call it Mommy Makeup.  The reason is pretty awesome too.  It was created with busy moms in mind so if you are in a big hurry, Mommy Makeup comes with a “Paint by Number” Face chart to allow mistake proof application every time!  This most definitely caught my attention.

And yes, Mommy Makeup is mineral based. Another attention grabber!   The mineral powders contain SPF 15, are Oil-Free, Talc-Free, Fragrance-Free, and Paraben-Free.  For the Mommy Makeup story, click here.

I currently have my eyes on their Out-The-Door Collection.  It  is $90.00 $53.00! Yay, it’s on sale.  We all love sales, right?  What do you get in the kit?

  • Mineral Dual Powder- A 4-in-1 product!  Your choice of 5 shades!
  • Little Lush Kabuki Brush
  • Anywhere Crème in Goldilocks-3-in-1 cream that can be worn on your eyes, cheeks, and lips.
  • Paint by Number Instructions-For mistake proof application
  • Black Mesh Makeup Bag

The shades are: Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Dark, and Dark

I guess I better get my makeup collection before the sale goes away!  And if you sign up, you get $5 off of your first order! Even better!

Have you ever tried Mommy Makeup?

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