#SlimSnack: Fits in Lunchboxes Where Bulky Lunch Containers Don’t. Snack Bag & Popsicle all in One

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I came across an amazing snack tool that you may be interested in.  It’s so fantastic I thought it was a great pick for my Amazon product of the week!

Now that the kiddies are back to school, it’s time to get creative with their snacks and lunches.  What if their lunch boxes run out of room due to bulky containers?

Slim Snack is a snack bag and popsicle all in one. Clever, right?  You can freeze smoothies, fruit juice, seltzer, yogurt, etc.  Or store veggie sticks, granola, etc.

The cone shape of the slim snack containers prevent messy dripping from frozen snacks.  These snack containers are truly amazing.  To read up more on what this product entails, click here.

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