Scent your Skin with Candy-Blasted Sweet Fragrance and Coconut Oil


I found a fun body frosting that doesn’t only smell amazing like that of cotton-candy or marshmallow, it’s healthy for your skin as well.

If you have sensitive skin like me, you know that many of the lotions and moisturizers out there just don’t work.  At least they don’t work for me, or they agitate my skin.

Acute Candy Trance (Intense Fragrance Body Frosting), contains: Coconut Oil, Peach Extract, Marshmallow Root, and Mandarin Peel.  It smells so yummy and is delicate to my skin.  The scent sticks with you for a while too, love that.  The scent is Sugared Vanilla Icing.

Want a sample?  Feel free to contact me at  I can send you a sample to try out for yourself.



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