Bully Bean: By Thomas Weck and Peter Weck {Book Review}

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Bully Bean by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck is one of five books in the Lima Bear Press series. “Lima Bear® Press has a very straightforward mission: to publish children’s stories that are, engaging, imaginative, and humorous while each carries an important life message such as tolerance, honesty, forgiveness, courage, friendship, and teamwork.” These books are for children ages 3-8 and deliver a valuable life lesson in each.

In Bully Bean, this beautifully illustrated picture book conveys a great message on how to treat others. The main character, Bully Bean is just a plain old mean bully who has a change of heart after he is confronted with a situation of needing others. Bully Bean addresses the fact that bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. The book also has a great “Extended the Learning” section and “Activities” section that promotes question and answers when retelling the story to discuss bullying and also promotes more in depth thinking about the book. With bullying being such a hot topic right now with all ages, this book does a great job to demonstrate bullying at a young age.

Bully Bean can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold. Also check out their website at www.limabearpress.com to view other books currently available.

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