Learning App for Kids


Introduce your child to the joys of learning while having fun! Appi Dabbi has created Qread-an app that reinvents the standard reading experience and makes it more directly relate-able to the child and his or her environment, thus producing a more natural learning of language.

Qread-short for quick read-is the first app in the Appi Dabbi series, and it lays the foundation for learning in their programs.  Instead of the ABC method which only triggers the left half of the child’s brain, the Qread app allows the child to use both halves of its brain and increases the level of complexity as the child masters each lesson in the program. This way, the child learns that words are just another visual representation of what they already recognize. By using words, pictures, animation and explaining the meaning behind words, it challenges the child and creates more dialog between them and the parent from as young as 1 – 2 years old!

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