Detoxing My Life! #DetoxYourLife


I often read about people detoxing their bodies in order to live a healthier life and I think it’s great. There are all sorts of things people can do to detox from juicing to yoga and meditation. Sometimes, I think we forget about the other physical ways to detox like lowering stress by checking things off of the to-do list or just organizing your work desk, which drastically improves your health! So here is a list of ways I detox my life:

  • Reading – Obviously, you knew that would be on the list! Nothing helps me calm down and relieve stress quite like getting lost in a good book.
  •  Taking a walk – Getting outside into the fresh air can always help you work off stress and there is something about the smell of nature that always makes me feel better.
  • Cleaning up the house – A clean house makes a world of difference to me. I can’t stand clutter and stuff everywhere. I have children so obviously there will always be toys and books out that they are playing with, but our house looks and feels better when everything is put back in its place. Plus it helps me get rid of the things that no longer serve a purpose for us.
  • Candles – I love candles! I light one every morning. I pick what scent I want and that’s the scent that gives me the pick-me-up for the day.
  • Writing – I write down what needs to be done and what is bothering me so it isn’t rolling around my head all day long and causing me stress.

What do you do to de-stress and detox your life? Does organizing something and checking things of your to-do list make you feel less stressed? Please feel free to share your tips and use the hashtag #detoxyourlife.

I was inspired to write this post upon learning about Oscar Insurance’s #DetoxYourLife project. Oscar Insurance is a new company focused on incorporating technology into healthcare experience by providing members with tools to better manage their health 24/7, including a mobile app and easier access to doctors with their Doctor-On-Call service!


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