My Journey to Living More Simply {October’s Goal!}


October is here so that means a new goal for me to accomplish. September’s goal was for me to go through all our winter clothes and to get rid of anything that didn’t fit or anything we no longer used. This was harder than I thought, mostly because I have two growing boys and I wasn’t sure what size they would be during the winter time. I got rid of everything that was too small for my youngest and donated them all to a friend, which felt good. I also went ahead and donated a ton of my clothes. I realize I pretty much wear the same thing every day during the winter (leggings, jeans, or yoga pants and a shirt), so that was easy!

My October goal will be to set up a routine or rhythm for myself and family! I’m more of a go with the flow type of person, I’ve never been a good planner, but I thought that this might help with the chaos of the days! I’m not sure what will work and what will not, but here is a rough draft of what I’m planning:


Morning routine:

  • Coffee!!!!!!!
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Make breakfast
  • Make beds
  • Take a shower and get ready for the day
  • Get the boys ready
  • Start load of laundry

Evening routine:

  • Make dinner
  • Load dishwasher and start it
  • Boys have some daddy time
  • Boys take a bath
  • Read some nighttime stories
  • Boys to bed
  • Pick up family room and house
  • Hang with the hubby
  • Get ready for bed
  • Read a couple of chapters of a book
  • Sleep!


Daily routine:

  • Monday – clean kitchen and go to the library
  • Tuesday – clean family room
  • Wednesday – clean bedrooms and go to the library for story time
  • Thursday – clean bathroom and take boys to preschool, then I do some errands
  • Friday – clean living room

The rest of the time will be scheduled for playing and appointments or what have you.


I’m hoping that this will help me manage the house better and help simplify our lives! What’s your October goal? Do you have a routine or rhythm you follow? Please feel free to share what it is and what does or does not work. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to update you in November!

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