Harriet’s BIG Adventure {Book Review}


Doesn’t everyone enjoy an adventure?  Absolutely! Even miniature donkeys do too!

In Harriet’s BIG Adventure by Glenn S. Guiles, you get to meet Harriet, a miniature donkey who goes on a little adventure when her caretaker, Mr. Michael doesn’t put the gate’s latch in its usual place. Uh Oh! Harriet visits new places and meets new friends on her little adventure making her day more exciting as she explores.

Harriet’s BIG Adventure is sold in paperback and would be a great story to be read to young children as the wording is a little lengthy, yet the story is simple.   The colorful illustrations will keep young children entertained as Harriet’s adventure unravels.

Order your copy today of Harriet’s BIG Adventure. It can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris.

About the author:

As a retired educator, Glenn S. Guiles is no stranger to the importance of education in the lives of students.  On top of his many years of teaching, Guiles is also a professional oboist and an accomplished pianist.  Guiles currently resides on a 60-acre farm in the Adirondack State Park with four miniature donkeys, five goats, seven dogs, and three cats.  In his free time, Guiles enjoys taking care of his animals, playing music, and completing the five book series of Harriet’s life.

Based on Guiles’ farm and real animals, this tale will encourage children to step away from their daily routine and to be reminded that life is an adventure waiting to happen.

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