The Astronaut Instruction Manual – Practical Skills for Future Space Explorers {Book Promotion}



“A fantastic and vibrant preparatory guide for today’s youth – whether their futures are off in space or right here…..on Earth.” -Lori Garver, Former Nasa Deputy Administrator

Do you have a middle-schooler who is interested in space? If so, this book is a MUST for them to take a look at. The author, Mike Mongo, motivates today’s young students to be the next generation of astronauts in his new book – The Astronaut Instruction Manual. He focuses on the reality that by the time middle-school students graduate from college, there is going to be amazing opportunities in space. Mr. Mongo also gets students thinking outside of the box about survival in space.

The Astronaut Instruction Manual doesn’t give you step by step instructions to become an astronaut, but it gives you the big picture of the possibilities of becoming one. This book also has reader interaction with filling in blanks on pages to keep the reader engaged and committed.  There are also “tasks” for the reader to “Google” specific words that are used in the manual for better understanding of space and space lingo.

Check out a trailer for the book here:

The Astronaut Instruction Manual can be purchased at Amazon. Order your copy today for all those astronaut enthusiasts on your Christmas list.

About the Author

Mike Mongo is a professional space geek, whose primary objective is encouraging students worldwide to seek future careers in astronautics and space science-related fields. Mr. Mongo is a frequent speaker on space industry councils, including the National Space Society (NSS), International Space Development Conference (ISDC), and the DARPA-funded 100 Year Starship Symposium.

Mr. Mongo is the chief brand and culture officer at Icarus Interstellar, a space research company. He lives in Key West, Florida, with his wife, Leonie, and cat, George.

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  1. Thank, you Michigan Mom Living and Cynthia, for taking the time to write and get the word out about The Astronaut Instruction Manual. Pointing the way to space is my way of connecting with young students about all the possibilities available to them now in the their lifetimes. Tomorrow’s jobs ARE in space. Letting young student’s know that just by putting their eye on space jobs as a prize gives them a critical competitive advantage for tomorrow’s space jobs. By giving students permission to imagine a space future with themselves in it we can engage students and foster a future that provides solutions for the problems we face today. In fact, by solving for the challenges of space–energy, sustainability, health, inclusion, equality, even prosperity–we discover solutions to every challenge we face on earth today. In this way, pursuing space as a career is a noble career goal because the reward it will bring is good for students and in turn good for all humanity.

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