Free Smartphone App Can Help with Postpartum Depression


Used by nearly 1.6 million pregnancies in the U.S. last year, the I’m Expecting app (Android, iOS) is a free all-in one pregnancy tracker and comprehensive mobile resource to keep moms-to-be informed about changes to their bodies and their growing baby.

The I’m Expecting app by MedHelp, is currently being used by 40 percent of the nation’s expecting mothers (see release) and was named one of this year’s Best Pregnancy iPhone and Android Apps by Healthline.

I’m Expecting keeps track of everything that’s happening to moms-to-be and their growing baby, guiding them day-by-day through their entire pregnancy with expert tips and advice, checklists and to-dos, video and article resources, and weekly notifications and reminders. I’m Expecting also includes a weight tracker, baby bump photo diary and pregnancy journal, registry and baby naming recommendations, as well as an interactive support forum to connect with other moms-to-be in the same week of pregnancy to compare symptoms, ask questions (uh… is this normal?) and share their journeys.

With one out of seven new mothers experiencing the condition, the I’m Expecting app and its PPD online forum is helping new moms reach out to others with postpartum depression and open up about what they’re going through.

MedHelp’s I’m Expecting app, includes mental health support for women struggling to adjust to motherhood, with instant access to resources they might not otherwise encounter, including:

·         warning signs and risk factors for PPD

·         when and why to seek help

·         the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale screening tool

·         talking about depression with their doctor

·         managing emotions after birth and leveraging mental health boosters, like exercise

The app’s dedicated postpartum community connects women to a safe and judgment-free place to discuss feelings, often expressing to other users what they don’t feel comfortable telling their partner, family or doctor. In one poignant example, a young mother recently wrote, “Considering writing a suicide note just in case,” on an online post-pregnancy board. As alarming as such a post is, it illustrates how online support groups can be a lifeline.

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