Carmex Lip Balm {Mommy Review}

Mommy reviewer Stephanie, received a sample of Carmex Lip Balm ($1.59 value) in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


When it comes to our beauty arsenals, we all have tried-and-true products that we can’t live without. This carefully selected set of iconic beauty products has been cultivated over the years and rightfully earned a spot in our bathroom cabinets and makeup bags indefinitely. While there are many new products that come and go,Carmex® Original Lip Balm in a Jar remains a cult-classic beauty product that will never go out of style!

Packaged in an iconic white jar with a yellow cap, Carmex® Original Lip Balm in a Jar can be described as the “Little Black Dress” of lip balm. Its lip-tingling formula has been around for over 79 years and is formulated with menthol and camphor to soothe severely dry lips as well as pain symptoms from cold sores. It also contains petrolatum to create a long-lasting water barrier and lanolin, which replicates the lipid bilayer in your skin to retain moisture.

Carmex® Original Lip Balm in a Jar is the ideal multi-functional beauty tool to help you achieve the perfect pout! Travel friendly and lightweight, Carmex® Original Lip Balm in a Jar is the ultimate accessory to stash in your bag or clutch. Perfect for all seasons, this classic beauty product keeps your lips moisturized in the frigid winter temperatures and scorching summer heat. Ideal for daily use, this formula keeps your lips healthy and smooth all day long!

So, it’s no secret why this timeless cult-classic has been carried for decades and will continue to remain near and dear to our hearts for years to come.

Now on to our mommy review:

Mommy Review by-

When my lips are dry I use Carmex Lip Balm.  I like the tingling feeling my lips experience.
I feel like the lip balm is working, almost as though it is medicated. I have been a die-hard user of a popular medicated brand for many years, and I have to say I prefer the tube option over the “tub” option.  I don’t like having to use my finger any time I want to use  Carmex.  I feel like I have to wash my hands before I use it so I don’t contaminate the tub and then I feel like I want to wash my hands again after because the lip balm is now on my finger or under my finger nail.  This seems unsanitary.  (I know Carmex comes in a roll up tube, so I wouldn’t be opposed to that.)
I didn’t use the whole tub so I didn’t encounter this issue, but I do wonder what happens as it gets used up, like what is left in the little corners and how would someone get that out?  Use a Q-tip?  Just buy a new one?   Sometimes the lip balm can feel a little thick or cakey. Though I like how the product works, I don’t like the lingering smell like it is medicated.  Initially, the smell didn’t bother me, but after wearing it for a while, the smell got to me. Once the product wore off, I didn’t find lasting benefits, as in my lips were not any softer.
Image 2
After rolling around in the bottom of my purse, I found that residue from whatever lives in the bottom of my bag would creep its way under the edge of the cap where the threads are. Even though the residue didn’t touch the product, it was still around the edge and that was a little gross. The size of the balm is good.  It is small enough to fit into my purse.  I don’t really carry anything around in my pocket, but I think it would fit fine in my pocket if I did.  I didn’t have any problems ever finding the Carmex if it was in the bottom of my purse or diaper bag.  I found sometimes that unscrewing the lid  I would fumble with it and drop it. This might have more to do with my being clumsy. 😉
Image 3
I know that Carmex Lip Balm is a cult classic, but I think overall it is not my favorite lip balm to use.  I would say the number one reason that would keep me from purchasing it would be the fact that I have to dip my finger into it to use it instead of applying it directly to my lips.  I guess the tube option would work much better.
Michigan Mom Living would like to thank the folks over at Carmex for allowing our mommy reviewer “Stephanie” to try out your product.

To learn more about Carmex and where you can purchase it, visit their Facebook page.

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