Erase Beauty Mistakes with The NEW Hard Candy Oopsy-Proof Eye Liner Eraser

I received a sample of Oopsy-Proof Eye Liner Eraser ($5.00 Value) in exchange for this post.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Uneven eyeliner?  Smudges on the waterline or mascara running?  Instantly touch up with the new Hard Candy Oppsy Proof Eye Liner Eraser to fix and glam up looks for good!  This new formula can fix and quickly remove any beauty mistake without interfering with the rest of makeup.

Eye liner eraser pen is ideal to correct smudges and mistakes. Ultra precision tip is easy to use, gentle on the skin and can correct errors in seconds.


Since I have oily skin, my eye makeup always runs quickly or smudges within hours.  It’s such a pain. I’m happy to report that this product does what it says! The oopsy-proof eye liner touches up instantly.  It’s so easy, I love it. There is no unwanted odor which is also a plus.  I will definitely be carrying it around in my purse.

Hard Candy’s Oopsy Proof Eye Liner Eraser is available exclusively at Walmart and

*Images courtesy of Hard Candy

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