Buy Backpack and One is Donated to Child in Need


Create Better and Easier Back-to-School Experience with Free Education Tools and Backpacks

School breaks aren’t exciting for every student —especially those struggling in poverty — and coming back from summer breaks can be a tough time of insecurity. Across the U.S., 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line, and this stressful scenario plays out nationwide every back-to-school time. 

One thing to make these kids feel better about going back to school and building a sense of pride and confidence is having their own cool backpack and school supplies. Stylish and trendy Sydney Paige backpacks are unlike the others because they build confidence among kids in need. 

For every Sydney Paige backpack purchased, another one of the same class and caliber filled with school supplies goes to a child in need. Children around the world deserve to gain an education, and they need supplies to do so this back-to-school season.

When it comes to helping others Sydney Paige offers a unique approach in the buy/give model by:

•    Donating the same high-quality backpack as purchased —  no cheap alternative
•    Filling the backpacks with full set of age-appropriate school supplies
•    Allowing customers to choose which non-profits receive their matching bag and supplies

Sydney Paige backpacks feature the following:
•    Same high-quality item for the buyer and donation recipient
•    100% cotton canvas or natural leather and PVC-free
•    Little Learners backpack sized just right for tiniest of school kids and decorated with youngsters’ favorite characters
•    Young Explorers backpack includes padded backing, sternum strap and reflective piping for safety and comfort
•    World Changers backpack comes with great storage for laptops and books and is padded with a reinforced bottom, large compartments and an easy access double zipper

Sydney Paige is making a difference in the lives of low-income children by giving them the tools, courage and confidence to learn and thrive in school, stay in school, and graduate. You can help this mission grow with your next purchase of a Sydney Paige backpack this coming back-to-school season. 

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