What The Fun?! {Book Review}

I received a copy of “What The Fun?!” ($16.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Modern family life has become a crazy game that gobbles up our days and nights.  In fact, Time Magazine is now calling parenting America’s most competitive adult sport as we drown in endless athletic schedules, music lessons, and enrichment activities.  What’s missing from these over-scheduled days?   The FUN.   Study after study has shown the value of fun and play, and even shown that not having fun is bad for children.  Fun improves communication, connectedness, and creates an enhanced sense of self and healthy behaviors.

Emmy-nominated family lifestyle expert Donna Bozzo has shared her secrets for parenting playfulness for years through media appearances and on her website.   Now Bozzo gathers hundreds of easy and creative ways for infusing day-to-day life with a jolt of fun in WHAT THE FUN?! 427 Simple Ways to Have Fantastic Family Fun.  Bozzo’s prescription includes activities and crafts for young children to teens that can be added into any part of the daily routine—from mealtimes to bedtime, on special occasions, or whenever the family can use a break from the grind, including:

*SIMPLE DIY GIFTS FOR MOM, DAD, AND GRANDPARENTS: Scrabble Plaque, Soda Bottle Terrarium, and Coffee Cup Sleeves.

*SUMMERTIME BLUES: The Kids are Out Of School… now what?!?  Alleviate the boredom with a Full Moon Party, Family Book Club, Backyard Weather Station or Crime Scene Party.

*BEACH BUM FUN! Sand Art and Message in a Bottle.

*ROAD TRIP GAMES! Travel Treasure Maps and Backseat Bingo.

What The Fun?! 427 Simple Ways to Have Fantastic Family Fun really hits the nail on the head about the loss of just plain fun in the family.  So many family members are so preoccupied with technology or to-do lists or being so called “busy” that family fun has just kind of drifted away.  Donna Bozzo does a great job in this book to bring back that fun with plenty of examples on how to do it.  Whether family members are young or older, I think she’s got everyone covered.  18 chapters of fun from special occasions or on the road or for simple times, Bozzo has ideas for everyone.  Each chapter is categorized and each idea is broken down by age appropriateness and time necessary to complete the task.  Great for organizing!

With summer vacation just beginning, this is a great time to introduce your family to What The Fun?! and create some fun this summer that will carry you throughout the year.

What The Fun?! can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles or anywhere books as sold.  Get you copy for some family summer fun today!

About the Author

Donna Bozzo has worked in the TV business for fifteen years. In addition to appearing on Today, all the Chicago TV stations, The Morning Blend, Veria Living TV, Great Day St. Louis, and Daytime, she worked for many years as a reporter, TV producer, writer, and creative director. She has written for Chicago Parent, Make It Better, Family Circle, Wedding Pages, Working Mother, and American Baby.


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