9 Simple Tips for a More Organized Living Room


Maintaining a clean and clutter-free living room is a tough challenge. It’s quite hard to keep this part of the house well-organized most especially if you have kids at home. If you are one of the many homeowners who wanted to “keep everything in its place” (as much as possible), here are simple yet proven effective tips that can help maintain an organized living room.

Add A Wastebasket

If waste is your number one problem at your living room, then adding a wastebasket in the corner might help. Pick one that has a lid or cover and can actually fit well with your home’s decor. Keep it from smelling by deodorizing trash bags and emptying the bin before the day ends.

Keep All Flat Surfaces Clutter-free

Any flat surface at your living room is a potential clutter magnet. Papers, magazines, books etc. tend to accumulate fast at this area. Counter this by adding a paper/magazine rack. Checking this area at your free time and picking up any items you’ll find could help as well. You can also ask your family members to do the same routine until it becomes a habit.

Check Your Cables and Cords

Aside from looking ugly at plain sight, tangled cables and cords are also potential safety hazard at home. Avoid cord extensions as much as possible. Use cable ties, wires and tapes to keep them in place. There are lots of ideas and tips available online that could help you manage these items.

Designate a Play Area

To keep your children’s toys from cluttering the living room, designate a play zone. It’s best to create a corner of your living room into a play area as the walls can serve to block potential clutter. You can put a mini fence around it, add a small cabinet, table and chair to make it look more inviting for your kids.

Use Multi-Purpose Coffee Table

Don’t settle for a coffee table that doesn’t have any other purpose. There are lots of multi-functional coffee tables available that has built-in storage with it. Investing with this kind of coffee table can surely help keep your living room organized at all times.

Be Creative In Displaying Your Photos

Keep photo frames and albums from cluttering your cabinets and coffee table. Make your wall your canvas and proudly display your family photos at it. Choose the ones that you would want your family and even your visitors to always see. Keep the rest in an album and hide it in a cabinet.

Make Use Of The Space Behind Sofa

Organized your blanket, extra pillow and other stuff behind the sofa. You can place a small cabinet or a center table at it. Check out Pinterest for more ideas regarding this tip.

Strategically Place Some Houseplants

Place some houseplants at the corners of your living room. Decorate it with stuff and things that could go along well with your interior. Nothing beats some look of greenery when it comes to keeping the room look more inviting and somewhat refreshing.

Organize Your Collections

Keep your collection in an organized manner, always. Keep them in a cabinet or in a place that is quite out of reach of your children. Make sure to dust it off from time to time.

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  1. I cannot stand being unorganized, and feel like I am constantly walking behind two teenagers who leave a trail of chaos in every room they use 🙂

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