Our Contributors

 Meet Lindsey


Lindsey Clair has been married to her best friend Ron since 1999.  Together they have three beautiful daughters. They also have a son in heaven.  He passed away in 2005 and is missed dearly.  Prior to becoming a mother, Lindsey obtained her degree in Child Development with a state certificate and taught, assistant directed, and directed a variety of programs through the years.  After her third daughter was born, Lindsey decided to stay at home.  Lindsey currently homeschools her three girls.  Along with homeschooling she runs a home business as a virtual assistant and has returned to college to pursue a degree in Business Marketing with a Social Media Concentration.  This is to better herself with her business.  Her hobbies are singing and playing the piano, reading, shopping, hanging out with her family, and blogging. Lindsey is a Christian and is the owner/founder/publisher of Michigan Mom Living.

Meet Cynthia


Cynthia Tait is a woman of faith who is a stay at home mom of two striving for a healthier family lifestyle. She enjoys cooking and baking for her family. She also volunteers as youth leader and religious education teacher. In her spare time, you will also find Cynthia helping families (with her work from home business) on how to create a safer/healthier lifestyle. Cynthia is also our blog administrator.  She takes care of blog book reviews, interviews, pitches, and campaigns to help keep the blog running smoothly.  You can also follow Cynthia on Facebook.

Meet Stephanie


Stephanie is a foster and adoptive mom as well as a developmental psychologist who focuses on infants and children with attachment concerns and trauma histories. Her practice, Horizons Parent & Child Services, is in Holland. She provides individual consultations and trainings (in person, online, or by phone). She also does public speaking. She currently has three permanent kiddos, two biological and one adopted. She is actively engaged in the foster/adopt community in West Michigan and will be sharing her education, experience, and insight to us here. You can see more at her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/stephaniegrantphd/). To contact Stephanie, email her at stephaniegrantphd@gmail.com.




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